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The August 24th Dental Day
Has Been Postponed

We will let you know when it is rescheduled.

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We are now available for our valued clients 24/7 with global discounts & free shipping of the products you know and love. You can order from your home or smart phone and have your products delivered to your doorstep.

Check out our new website and our new online Pet Health Store. Questions? Call Sheryl at (916) 686-9699

Whether your dog is frantically scratching himself bald or cat has replaced purring with shredding your prized Victorian sofa, I'll help you calm your dog or cat – and your own peace of mind. This is your animal friends' complete, all-natural wellness service.

Sheryl Gunter, owner of Corner Pet and Natural Pet Wellness Coach, will continue to help you purchase Flower Essence products and other Natural Remedies. Contact Sheryl and let her know what you need!

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  • Be more energetic
  • Gain improved skin and coat conditions
  • Fight disease
  • Control allergies
  • Improve agility and mobility

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Learn how to do it yourself at home. I'll teach you the safest methods to give your pet proven, well-rounded health benefits. Save money on vet visits!

Caring for Your Whole Pet
Caring for Your Whole Pet, from aromatherapy to bathing, pet-a-cures and dental health - we can provide referrals to keep your pet happy and healthy.
Dental Days
healthy and non stressful method of dental care for pets
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Send Me Petcare Tips will make sure you stay up to date with all natural products and services to keep your pet happy and healthy!